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Want to become a VirtuCLEAN reseller?

Want to become a VirtuCLEAN reseller?

Thank you for your interest in the VirtuCLEAN 2.0!

With a growing consumer interest in sleep therapy cleaners it’s no surprise the market is exploding, but with so many options now on the market who can you trust to deliver quality devices?

VirtuCLEAN 2.0 is distributed by Healthcare Logix Systems, LLC, a sister company to VirtuOx a name trusted for over 15+ years.

As a Home Medical Equipment provider, you are well positioned to introduce sleep therapy cleaning devices to your customers and network of physicians.

Are all sleep therapy cleaning devices created equally?

Size comparison
VirtuCLEAN 2.0LuminSoClean2
Size4.5″x 1.7″12.25″ x 8.5″x 7.75″11”x11”x13”
Weight.45 lbs5.5 lbs5.6lbs
PowerRechargeable batteryPlugs into wallPlugs into wall
Compliance ReminderYesNoNo
Countdown timerYesNoNo
Time for cleaning cycle30 minutes5 minutes2 hours
Filter replacement?Yes, $9.99 every 6 monthsNoYes, $30 every 6 months
Adapters needed?Yes, includedNoYes, not included
Steps to clean121
Prewash of equipmentNoNoYes, $18 every 6 months
Cleaning technologyOzoneUV LightOzone
Kills germs and bacteriaYesYesYes
Warranty offered24 months24 months24 months

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Accessories VirtuClean

Would you like to add a VirtuCLEAN Brand Wipes 80 ct Canister to your purchase?

NO WASHING - You don't need to thoroughly rinse and soak your mask every day (To remove all bacteria it is recommended to thoroughly clean every couple of days) REMOVES DIRT - The wipes will remove all dirt and grease that accumulates on your sleep mask, tube and machine CLEANER SLEEP MACHINE - Use the mask wipes for a quick daily cleanse of your sleep mask
NO WASHING - You don't need to thoroughly rinse and soak your mask every day (To remove all bacteria it... Read More

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