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Three Considerations You Need to Make When Looking for a CPAP Machine

After you finish a home sleep study your doctor might recommend that you seek out a CPAP machine. A continuous positive air pressure machine is a great way for you to control your sleep apnea, but a specific machine may not be prescribed to you. If that is the case, then you need to search for a good one and you’re going to have quite a few different things to look for. In today’s article, we’re going to explore some of the items you should look for in a CPAP machine after you complete a home sleep study.

Get One With a Water Tank

A little-known fact about sleep apnea control devices is that they do not necessarily have to use a water tank. In fact, many of the machines are sold without the water tank attached to save money, but there is a chance you will use your machine and wake up with a dry throat. If you are using your health insurance to obtain a CPAP machine, make sure that they are ready and willing to negotiate with them to guarantee that you get the water tank. Keep in mind that most machines can, in fact, be broken down to ensure easy travel.

Make Sure the Mask Fits

After you have your at home sleep test you will need to pick out a mask that fits whether you go with a full face mask or the nasal mask –whatever the situation calls for. There is a good chance that your vendor will sit down with you and make sure that the mask fits and that it is comfortable. During your first few nights, you may find it uncomfortable especially if it is on tight – this is necessary however to ensure that you do not have any air escaping and that the machine is producing good results.

Have it Adjusted Properly

After you complete an at home sleep study it may be prudent for you to head over to an in-lab sleep study to help ensure that you are properly tested with a CPAP machine and that the right pressure is selected. For example, there are some people who start out with a higher pressure of 12.0 while others may back it down to 8.0. Sometimes a pressure of 12.0 is too high for the first time individual which is why you have the option of ramping the pressure down during your first few minutes of sleep, and allowing the machine to pick up the pressure, ensuring a good night’s sleep overall.

Get One that Reports Back

You need to make sure that you’re getting a CPAP machine that actually reports back, which means one with a built-in modem. The modem will report back to your care provider who will then be able to make additional decisions regarding your care. For example, they could choose to increase the pressure of your Sleep machine or they might even opt to change the headgear out entirely. It’s hard to say just what they might change, but having a direct line to your care provider will help you out significantly.

To put it lightly, sleep apnea is a serious problem that requires your serious consideration. So, with that being said, speak with your care provider today about having an in home sleep study to determine whether or not you do indeed suffer from sleep apnea. The answer could surprise you, and it could just save your life.

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