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► Don’t Forget Your VirtuCLEAN Accesories!

Genuine VirtuCLEAN accessories help you make the most of your VirtuCLEAN device. From our home and travel wipes that ensure your device is germ-free to the VirtuCLEAN travel bag that keeps your device safe on the go, our accessories have you covered!

VirtuCLEAN Travel Wipes

VirtuCLEAN travel wipes are very convenient and help you keep your device clean and germ-free on the go!

VirtuCLEAN Home Wipes

VirtuCLEAN home wipes are ergonomically designed and help you keep your device clean and germ-free at all times!

VirtuCLEAN Travel Bag

The VirtuCLEAN travel bag protects your device when you are on the go and provides additional storage for all of your accessories!

Heated Tube Adapter

If your CPAP device has heated or climate-lined tubing, you will need a heated tube adapter to ensure the device is cleaned properly.

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