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Frequently Asked Questions

VirtuCLEAN is a small, lightweight, and portable sleep equipment sanitizer that uses ozone to kill germs and bacteria that are commonly found in sleep equipment.

The device weighs less than 1 pound is and is about the size of 3 smart phones stacked on top of one another.

Activated oxygen is commonly used in the hospital or hospitality settings to disinfect and/or clean.

The VirtuCLEAN will run for about 30 minutes, then it will have a 5-minute room air flush cycle to reduce the excess scent of activated oxygen.

We recommend that you clean your tubing and mask every day and clean your tubing and sleep humidifier chamber once a week.

Please insert your humidifier into your device, reattach your tube/mask to your sleep equipment machine, power your sleep equipment on and the residual ozone will be flushed out.

The VirtuCLEAN is not covered by health insurance, however you can use your HSA Account for this (Health Savings Account).

Yes! The device is FSA/HSA approved with the listing number 9274.

The VirtuCLEAN has an 24-month warranty that covers all basic operational items. It does not cover water or physical damage.

The VirtuCLEAN device runs on a rechargeable battery and does not need to be replaced. Also, there are no parts that need to be replaced.

Yes, an adapter is necessary now comes with your VirtuCLEAN device at no additional charge!

You can purchase the VirtuCLEAN directly from www.VirtuCLEAN.com Simply click on this link to order your VirtuCLEAN device. You’ll be happy you did!

A fully charged battery will last you approximately 4-5 full cleaning cycles (4-5 days)

Using ozone technology the VirtuCLEAN 2.0 sanitizes your sleep machine helping you clean the hard to reach places killing germs and bacteria.

Yes, we are FSA/HSA approved.

We recommend that the bag be replaced 1 time per year and the filter be replaced every 6 months. The bag includes a filter so you will only need to purchase this 1 time per year.

Sleep equipment is prone to growth of germs and mold, and constantly breathing them is bad for your health.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on your purchase.

You can register your VirtuCLEAN 2.0 product by scanning the QR code using your smartphone device, or visit us at WWW.VIRTUCLEAN.COM, and select the menu tab then select the VirtuCLEAN Registration tab.

The initial purchase of the VirtuCLEAN includes an adapter.

Version 2 has: Extended warranty to 24 months; Compliance meter that allows you to see when you cleaned and how many times you cleaned your sleep equipment; Cleaning reminder feature; Count down timer so you know when your sleep equipment will be cleaned; One step cleaning process; Battery charge meter; Heated humidifier attachment included.

No as VirtuCLEAN2.0 now comes with a universal adapter.

For home care equipment providers

  1. 1. Is there a patient safety issue?

    ResMed has not received any reports of any safety hazards associated with ozone device use. The patient should contact the ozone device manufacturer for advice regarding the use of ozone.
  2. 2. How can I tell if a ResMed device has been damaged by ozone?

    An indicator of damage is an unacceptable change in noise level during therapy. ResMed can determine if a ResMed device has been damaged by ozone from a visual inspection of the device interior. If you open the ResMed device, the limited warranty is void.
  3. 3. Does the limited warranty change for damage caused by ozone exposure apply to all ResMed devices (e.g. S9TM, Air10, AstralTM, etc.)?

    Yes. The damage caused to ResMed devices and components sold to patients on or after February 1, 2020, by ozone exposure will not be eligible for warranty repairs or replacement at ResMed’s expense.
  4. 4. Can my patients use an ozone device with ResMed device accessories (i.e. water tub and/or air tubing)?

    The damage caused to ResMed devices, inclusive of air tubing and a water tub, purchased by patients on or after February 1, 2020, by ozone exposure, will not be eligible for warranty repairs or replacement at ResMed’s expense.
  5. 5. Can my patients use an ozone device with a ResMed mask?

    Use of ozone will discolor a ResMed mask. Warranty claims based on discoloration will not be covered by the limited warranty on a ResMed mask. Additionally, the use of ozone with the AirTouchTM memory foam masks may lead to reduced seal performance – that will not be covered by the ResMed limited warranty.
  6. 6. Do ResMed devices need to be disinfected?

    ResMed user guides recommend regular cleaning of masks, air tubing and water tubs with mild detergent and warm water only.
  7. 7. When does the limited warranty change take effect?

    Ozone damage to ResMed devices sold to patients on or after February 1, 2020, will not be covered by the ResMed limited warranty.
  8. 8. My patients use an ozone device that doesn’t modify the ResMed device. If they continue to use it, will it affect the ResMed device limited warranty?

    If we determine that the ResMed device purchased by a patient on or after February 1, 2020, has been exposed to ozone and is damaged, the repair attributable to ozone will not be covered by the ResMed limited warranty.
  9. 9. Will using a UV light device with a ResMed device affect the limited warranty?

    ResMed user guides state that cleaning with mild detergent and warm water is all that is required for ResMed products.
  10. 10. Will mask or device accessories need to be resupplied more frequently if they are not cleaned with an ozone device?

    No. ResMed device and mask user guides include detailed cleaning instructions. Use warm water and mild detergent to clean ResMed equipment.
  11. 11. Some ResMed authorized service centers use ozone for decontamination, does that affect the limited warranty?

    Regular exposure to ozone causes damage to ResMed devices. Limited exposure of ozone to ResMed devices for decontamination by authorized service centers is unlikely to result in noticeable damage. However, any visible damage to a ResMed device purchased by patients on or after February 1, 2020, from ozone exposure, whether from use in the home or from an authorized service center, will not be covered by the ResMed limited warranty.

Inspect these 3 points monthly

Use these quidelines to help you inspect, assess and replace your CPAP supplies. Ask your supplier how

Every 1 month

Mask cushions and pillows

— Have the edgws of your cushion pr pillows become stiff or cracked?

— Has your cushion changed color?

— Are you experiencing doscomfort, redness or skin irritation?

Machine filters

— Does your filter show signs of wear such as discoloration, holes or tears?

Every 3 month

Mask (excludes headgear)

— Are yiou experiencing exsessive leaks?

Tubing (standart or heated)

— Has your tubing begun to change to an opaque color?

— Has your tubing developed tears?

Every 6 month

Headgear and chin strap

— Has your headgear stretched?

— Do you find that you are overtightening to avoid leaks?

Humidifier water chamber

— Has the water chamber become discolored or cloudy?

— Do you see any cracks or

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