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Save $50 + Free 2 day US shipping for orders $100 or more


How Much Sleep Do I Need?

Sleep is a vital part of living a healthy life - this is as clear as it possibly can be for all of us. But the question that still haunts us is how much of it do we actually need? We’re all familiar with the universal rule that everyone should get an 8-hour sleep, but this can’t apply to both children and adults. Let’s first take a look at how...


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Sleep Apnea Lifestyle Remedies

Sleep apnea is a condition which causes blockage in breathing for short periods while a person is asleep. People who suffer from sleep apnea don’t take in enough oxygen. That is why they gasp and often wake up. What is complicated about this condition is that often times people are unaware that their breathing stops, and they consider their sleep cycle normal. Sleep apnea sounds a lot like snoring, and...

Sleep Cleaning Machine

VirtuCLEAN 2.0


Obstructive Sleep Apnea Myths and Facts

Sleep apnea seems to be a common topic of conversation nowadays. People quickly relate it to heavy snoring and a lot of times it simply gets overlooked as not such a serious condition. However, you might be unaware that you are actually experiencing this phenomenon. Sleep apnea is a condition that affects breathing while sleeping. It might cause people to stop breathing during their sleep and leads to interrupted sleep....


Don’t lose your CPAP machine warranty!

VirtuCLEAN does not put ozone inside your machine. Unlike So Clean and others. If you’ve heard the latest CPAP news, ResMed and Phillips Respironics are having ozone-related problems. If their equipment has shown evidence of ozone use, the companies will no longer honor the warranty. SoClean has that effect on CPAP equipment, BUT we’ve got good news for VirtuCLEAN users. VirtuCLEAN users -- You don’t have to worry! With proper...


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Accessories VirtuClean

Would you like to add a VirtuCLEAN Brand Wipes 80 ct Canister to your purchase?

NO WASHING - You don't need to thoroughly rinse and soak your mask every day (To remove all bacteria it is recommended to thoroughly clean every couple of days) REMOVES DIRT - The wipes will remove all dirt and grease that accumulates on your sleep mask, tube and machine CLEANER SLEEP MACHINE - Use the mask wipes for a quick daily cleanse of your sleep mask
NO WASHING - You don't need to thoroughly rinse and soak your mask every day (To remove all bacteria it... Read More

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