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Meet Our Partner

Healthcare Logix Systems, LLC, a sister company to VirtuOx, is a privately held medical technology device and software company that enables a variety of healthcare organizations and professionals to properly diagnose and test respiratory diseases through vertically integrated platforms and products.

VirtuCLEAN is brought to you by VirtuOx, a 15+ year old brand that has tested over 5+ million at home sleep patients. We are a company focused on bringing the very highest quality technology to people who use sleep therapy to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Our goal has always been to help people with OSA get optimal use from their sleep equipment. Their health is at risk, as OSA has been linked with heart disease and other serious health problems. With sleep equipment, they can regain their health and get the restorative sleep the body requires.

However, the sleep equipment is prone to developing bacteria and mold — which adds another layer of health complications if not addressed. It is imperative that each device must be devoid of these potential infections.

We take great pride in the revolutionary technology used to disinfect your sleep equipment. The technology allows you to easily, effortlessly kill germs and bacteria in only 30 minutes. Ozone (also known as activated oxygen) is the key to disinfecting your sleep equipment.

With VirtuCLEAN, we have created a small portable device that cleans without soap, water, cleaning solutions or on-going maintenance. Use it at home or when you travel. You can trust that your sleep equipment is truly improving your health.

That’s our vision for VirtuCLEAN — that people with OSA can enjoy life to the fullest, getting a good night’s sleep every single night, whether at home, on business, or while seeing the world. You deserve the very best therapy for your OSA, and with VirtuCLEAN, we can help you get that.