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A Look at the Modern CPAP Machine and How it Compares to Machines of the Past

As an individual prepares for a home sleep study they might be wondering what the eventual solution is, and at some point, following the sleep study, they may be given a CPAP machine. What is that exactly, and how is it going to help you? CPAP is an acronym for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and the idea is to force oxygen into your airway while you sleep in an attempt to keep the airway open for the duration of the activity. This is ideal for individuals who find their airway collapsing during sleep, making it an essential piece of equipment for anyone who is suffering from sleep apnea. Following your sleep test results you may be issued one of these machines, but how do the newer machines compare to the older ones?

The Newer CPAP Machines are More Advanced

One would think that a CPAPmachine would be the same throughout the years, but there are some significant differences present now. In the past, a CPAP machine would simply be a device to keep the airway open and there were typically two parts. One part would be the oxygen concentration while the other would be the water tank which keeps the air from becoming dry. Today you can expect a few differences and we’re going to break them down into categories.

Split System 

Unlike the machines from the old days, the ones that you see now will be presented as a split system. One side of the system is the water tank and the other is the actual machine. You can break these in half, and use only one half of the machine if you so desire. If, however, you wake up with a dry throat, it is recommended that you immediately begin using the water tank to achieve a more desirable effect.

Integrated Software 

In previous CPAP machines, there were very few options available in terms of readout and customization. Today’s CPAP machines, however, will have an actual operating system displayed on a backlit LED screen. As you use the device you will be given information on how long you slept and how effective the device has been. In addition to that you should see the exact pressure that your machine is using, which can be manipulated using the ramp option should you need it.

Internet Connectivity 

Modern CPAP devices come standard with a modem installed so that information can be uploaded to your healthcare provider. Normally they will review the information once per month and then send you an evaluation via a message portal. Some providers, for example, use a system that is known as “MyChart’ to effectively track your progress and make suggestions. Not only will they be able to track your usage, they will be able to determine whether or not there is any air leaks present which will help you to keep up with general maintenance.

A CPAP Can Save Lives

The CPAP machines offered today are much more complex than the ones we’ve seen in the past. They offer much greater functionality and they are much more powerful. The ability to monitor every single aspect remotely allows doctors and nurses to assess your condition whether you’re reporting to a sleep clinic or not, and the information provided to you, the patient, could potentially be life-saving. Thanks to the advances in CPAP technology, we’re seeing more and more cases of controlled sleep apnea rather than the rampant problem it had become in the past few years. Many celebrities and athletes, for example, are revealing that they suffer from sleep apnea and that they have to manage to keep it under control.

Get Tested Now

If you suspect that you might have sleep apnea for any reason, then getting tested is crucial. You might feel as if it’s something that you need to put off, but let’s be honest, a home sleep study is far less invasive and time-consuming than heading out to a sleep clinic, and the results will be uploaded directly to your doctor. Call for help and make sure you’re putting the wheels in motion to avoid any future problems.

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