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I’ve had this about 2months now and works great. I like the size and you don’t have ...

I’ve had this about 2months now and works great. I like the size and you don’t have to purchase the filters or pre wash for this one. It fits any CPAP machine with a hose. If you have a heated hose you need an adapter for connecting to it. I took a regular hose and cut the ends off. The rubber fits on the machine and on will fit each end of a heated hose now. The zipper bag included fits any mask. I can tell a big difference with the clean smell it has after using. You can get 10 uses before recharging it again. The small size helps to not have clutter on your night stand. About an hour and your done cleaning CPAP, hose and mask. Set up for use takes a few seconds. To clean, I place my VirtuCLEAN on the CPAP machine where the hose connects, (machine clean 30 minutes) then on the hose connected to mask in zip bag. (Mask and hose clean 30minutes) The VirtuCLEAN Beeps when done

Deborah Davis

Worth the investment

A time saving device. Beats having to clean everything by hand. I was told to use vinegar to clean the humidifier and hose then the face mask. When everything was done in the morning, I followed directions, then at night when everything was put back together I had to run the machine for thirty minutes to get the smell of vinegar out of everything. So I ordered this little guy. Follow the directions and no problems with it.
The only problem was the hose had a leak so I had to dispose of it.
As for the ozone smell it’s not strong and goes away in a few minutes after turning on machine. I also use cpap cleaning wipes in between using the little thing. As stated in the beginning—worth the investment.
Also charge it before first use it takes a couple of hours. Once charged you can clean your hose and mask, then attach hose to machine and clean the humidifier. It takes thirty-five minutes for each use. Usually I will recharge after the second use.
The nice thing about this device are no fillers or special cleaners than have to be replaced that can add up unnecessarily.


Compact & Convenient Performer

The VirtuClean is a great improvement to my CPAP cleaning regimen, which I now perform weekly. The ability to connect my CPAP/hose, turn on the VirtuClean, then walk away is very convenient — it finishes in approx 30-40 min. The compact size and battery-powered portability make it perfect for travel — the battery lasts for several cleanings without the need to recharge via the micro-USB.
The only minor downside is that, like all ozone cleaners, it leaves a slight smell; airing out the hose/mask before usage reduces this effect.
While not inexpensive, the VirtuClean has provided me greater peace of mind that my CPAP is clean and I recommend it.


Great product

It is very easy to use. The size is small enough for travel use. Love it.


Love this is so easy to use

Love this is so easy to use, I purchased for travel and best part you don’t have to keep buying a cartridge like the soclean
as advertised comes with CPAP distilled water and hose, It did not have the 2 additional disposable filters as shown in picture
for my new dreamstation.

Chuck Beckwith

Five Stars

My father says he loves the simplicity and it is effective at cleaning his BiPaP.

D. Schall

Excellent Product!

Excellent Product! I use this daily and it is great and easy. There is a smell produced by the machine, but to e it just smells “clean”. Highly recommended.


It worked for me

I was having recurring colds, then bought this CPAP cleaner and I haven’t had a cold since! And it is so compact it is very easy to take when traveling

Barbara Lam

Good product and supplier

Works great. Vendor sent me adapter to plug into machine free.

Amazon Customer

Great Investment!

I use it every other day on my CPAP hose and so far it does what it supposed to do. Surely beats having to clean by hand! – Great Investment!

Petra LaForest

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